Friday, July 29, 2005

Biscuits v Cookies

So, it's the school holidays and the kids are bored.
I came up with the brilliant idea of cooking some biscuits. Show me a kid that doesn't like getting their hands (and face) all covered in gunge. They do not exist. At least not in this house. The little one jumped at the chance.
A quick trip up to the shops for ingredients and we are away .
In the space of around ten minutes, we have most of the mixture into the bowl, although some has found its way behind her ear and up her nose and some found it's way into Barney. Why do kids feel the urge to insert everything they play with into certain orifices?
Oven's already up to temperature. That's what forward planning does for you *smug*. We've managed to get twelve biscuits out of the recipe, although they are of differing sizes and shapes.
After five minutes, the aroma of gently cooking chocolate chip cookies wafts around the house.
Mm mm mm!!!
Ten minutes later and Ta Raaaaaaaaa.....

Of course the argument in this house is whether they are biscuits or cookies.

P.S. And they even tasted good as well.


Shooting Parrots said...

I'd prefer shortbread, but those choc-cookies look damned appetising.

Birdman said...