Monday, July 25, 2005

Blair washes his hands of them

The impertinence of it.
That stalwart band of unappreciated souls who scrub and clean the House of Commons so it's gleaming like a new pin, have the audacity to go out on strike in protest of their poor wages.
Don't they realise that just to walk in the hallowed halls of power and perhaps catching a glimpse of some of the honorable members, should be reward enough for their toil.
Mind you. £5 per hour and twelve days leave. I wouldn't turn over in bed, let alone get out of it for that pittance.
But come on you cleaners, there are people much worse off than you.
Look at that poor Rio Ferdinand. Remember him? He used to be a great footballer whilst cutting his teeth at West Ham. Now he is just another whingeing prima donna who cannot possibly be expected to survive on £100.000 a week. How he needs that extra twenty grand.
So think on gallant cleaners. That poor boy is suffering so much.

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