Friday, July 15, 2005

Le Mans revived

Does anybody remember that classic endurance motor race held in France?
The Le Mans 24 Hueres was unique in its starting technique.
On one side of the track pointing towards the start line would be all the cars.
On t'other side would stand all the drivers.
At the dropping of the flag, all the drivers would run to their cars, start them up and begin the race.

We have a similar phenomenon here at work every Friday afternoon.. It starts around ten to one where groups of anxious workers tend to gather in little clusters, nervously glancing at the clock whilst attempting to maintain eye contact with the person who is trying to communicate with them.
It's five to one and coats and other outer garments are being lovingly fondled and eased off the backs of chairs. Little beads of perspiration appear on some upper lips and are furtively licked.
Oh my god, it's one o'clock and their off. Rushing to the door five abreast desperately attempting to be THE ONE to reach their car first.
Someone's down and promptly stepped over.
"Sorry mate, can't stop"
It is imperative that he get to his motor first.
It's ten minutes past one. They are all sitting in their cars sweating their bollocks off (obviously not the ladies, everyone knows that ladies perspire) in the huge queue caused by everybody rushing out at the same time.
By the time the queue has died down (around a quarter past) I casually stroll out to my trusty motor and drive home.
No stress.
For the sake of a few minutes, they arrive home agitated moaning about the rush to get out of work and I arrive home sublimely chilled.
And smug.