Sunday, July 24, 2005


Whilst up the pub last night quaffing a few pints of John Smiths, the subject of trigonometry reared its ugly head.
Now I was a whiz at 'trig', but you know what? It was absolutely no use whatsoever in my forthcoming life. Sines, cosines and tangents used up too much of my memory, which could have been redirected on to more important aspects of my life at the tender age of 15. Like girls for instance.
Algebra. There goes another one. It must have been obvious even to the most discerning of teachers, that I was not going to be the next Einstein. So X + Y = Z? Que!
To cap the lot, the ultimate waste of space was C.S.E.'s. I passed seven in total. Pretty impressive huh? Total waste of time. My first job was delivering sausages and pies for T.S.Walls and sons. No requirement for CSE's there then. After that, I joined the Royal Navy and the forces totally re-educate you anyway, so once more, a waste of time.
Basically I am saying that apart from teaching me how to count and speak, the rest of my education was irrelevant.
It seems that todays kids only need to know how to switch on a PC. Whereas we had to do everything in our heads. Could you see that happening today? I think not.


"Alice" said...

When I went to University, I voluntarily took every single science course I could in order to not have to take high-level Maths. People were amazed that I was going for a B.A. Degree and not a B.S. Degree because of all the sciences. It worked though.

Shooting Parrots said...

That wouldn't have been Walls in Hyde, would it?

krip said...

Surely you remember Walls sausages?

Birdman said...

Sssh. Walls have ears.
Actually Krip, I'm of the same opinion. Instead of Logs and Trigofriggernometry, it should have been bricklaying; fusefixing, car driving and plumbing

krip said...

Or learning how to chat up girls.