Saturday, July 16, 2005

Where are all the kids?

It's a gloriously sunny day today, so I thought I would take Barney for a walk around the block. During the walk we visited two parks. Not huge parks you understand, but big enough to get a few impromptu footie games going.
They were completely empty. Not a budding David Beckham in sight. I remember when I was a kid on a day like today I would run around (we had no phone at the time) all my mates houses to drag them up to the local rec for a kick about. We had to stop at Snotty Kevins house (he always had a river of green snot running out of his hooter), whom nobody liked. The reason he suddenly became popular was 'cos he had a World Cup '66 football. Our mate for the day. Grabbing the obligatory bottle of orange squash, we would spend all day endlessley kicking a pigs bladder about. The score faded into obscurity and usually ventured into double figures for both sides.
It wasn't unusual for us to be still playing out there in semi darkness.
Where are all today's kids?
Stuck in front of the tv/games console/computer. They could even be blogging - like me...
Oh well, there goes the next lot of NHS statistics in 30 years time.


"Alice" said...

Unfortunately, Krip, they're in the same little places the kids over here are.

Wanna cut a few electrical wires?

Honest Mr hoverFrog said...

I took my four to the park. Now I am burned and miserable. I'm letting them on the PS2 for the whole summer.

~*Bettie said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I am linking you, you made me chuckle!

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