Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Beware you buxom barmaids

When I was a young lad I had the good fortune to visit the Oktoberfest held in Munich every year.
Ahh the memories that brings back. The huge steins of German lager which never seemed to empty. Singing along with the oompah bands all tarted up in their traditional lederhosen ( the bands, not me. Although leather...hmmmm). And those wonderful girls who brought armfuls of booze to your table where not only the beer was frothing over the top of the glass.
But wait.
These lovely wenches have been got at.
Yes, you guessed it. The latest EU directive states that all ladies serving in the outdoors must cover up all that lovely exposed, wobbling flesh for fear of them getting over exposure to radiation i.e. sunlight , in plain English.
Understandably, this has caused a little bit of a ripple in the land that brought us saurkraut. Even the lovely ladies consider this as ridiculous.
The EU won't be happy until they have banned all traditions from all countries and ours is no exception. Whatever next.
See blog title.


Shooting Parrots said...

I've never made it to the Oktoberfest, but as a teenager I enjoyed a school trip to Germany literally the high point of which was climbing to the top of some mountain or other.

At the top was a bar-cum-cafe and we ordered beers which were delivered by one of the said buxom barmaids. The look on my mates' faces, and mine come to that, as she bent over in her lowcut blouse, well you can imagine.

So we ordered more beers. One at a time. And as a result we ended up taking the direct route down the mountain, ie ignoring the paths. And on the wrong side.

That photo has made an old man very happy.

krip said...

Ah yes, happy days :)

Steve said...

Krip, tell 'em to ignore the directive - just like the French, Italians, Dutch and the rest normally do.

It's only us uptight British who feel we have to adhere to the judiciary.

Honest Mr hoverFrog said...

Please tell me that this is a joke.
How can anyone have enough time to think up these ridiculous directives. Can't they go and get a proper job. I don't know maybe as a volunteer in a third world country.

krip said...

steve: couldn't agree with you more.
P.S. a little birdie has told me they are having second thoughts.

Frederic Gerlt said...

Wishing you all the best!