Monday, September 19, 2005

An Englishmans home........

Like a good Anglo Saxon that I am, I have joined the ranks of true Englishmen/women by enlisting to the Witanagemot Club.

A club formed primarily to campaign for a true English parliament and to attempt to maintain everything that is great about England.

While I was signing on, I thought I would put a link on my blog to the Plain English Campaign. Something else that is close to my heart. As those of you who have been kind enough to stay longer than a few seconds and read some of my drivel will have observed, there 'aint a lot of boring long words infesting my posts.

"Why say excrement when shit will do?"
"Why say genetalia when bollocks will do?"
"Why say multiplication when times will do?"

Get my drift? Oh and yes, I do like to regularly us some good old Anglo Saxon favourites, because I truly believe that this is the best way to express myself.

When somebody calls me a twat, I know exactly what they mean. The other day I was referred to as an obnoxious idiot. Prick would have done.

So if you want to continue reading some plain speaking, please pop in and say Hi. All are welcome (unless you're a prick of course).


Kevin Wells said...

Welcome to the Witanagemot Club, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

how you have reminded me of my time in school when teachers [bless em] always drilled into us to use plain english. those who used "big" words were simply feeling rather insecured hence the showing off. it's true, especially in the wee island context.

krip said...

Thank you Kevin, I am sure I will.

wonkotsane said...

Welcome to the club.

GaffaUK said...

Good luck Krip - it is very undemocractic that Scottish MPs can vote on certain issues within Westminster which are to do with England and Wales and yet English and Wales MPs cannot vote on similar issues in the Scottish Parliament.

The reason Blair managed to push through top-up tuition fees fro England and Wales was because of the Scottish MPs voting as well. Shame on them.

I suggest there is a clear delineation between Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English matters and that MPs cannot vote on other country matters which does not concerned there own especially if it is not reciprocal.

krip said...

Maybe we could rebuild Hadrians Wall? ;)

GaffaUK said...

If the Scots and Welsh can have referendums on devolution - can't we have one to devolve from them?;)