Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Get upstairs............NOW"

It's about time this little boy was sent to bed early with no tea.

What a wanker.

A little piece of advice to Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney.

"Buy the DVD of this years Ashes series and watch how the players respect the umpire you little shit."


Elle said...

The boy is beyond repair.

Managers etc should have the guts to leave him out.


krip said...

Unfortunately player power is the norm these days. Maybe the little turd will think before he reacts. But hey, you need a brain to think.

the letter b said...

what i found bewilering is the gaffer and everyone else at manyoooo giving him excuses like, "well he's only a teenager/ 19" or that genuises like him tend to react the way they do.

lame, lame, lame. ta rooney et al you've driven me out of footy.

krip said...

Or "It will take the edge off his game if you stop him".