Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ok you New Labour voters

So this is what they mean by free speech, is it?


Anonymous said...

Democracy neder the Labour Party

It is unjustifiable to man handle an 82 year old man for heckling, if the Man of Straw cannot handle some heckling he should quit politics now.

Steve said...

It's unjustifiable to eject any Party member in such a manner. Wankers.

"A Labour Party spokesman said: "Following a disturbance in the visitors' balcony, two people were escorted out, having been asked three times to be quiet.""

Fuck me, "we asked the old bugger three timesto shut up and he didn't, so we treated him like a piece of shit".

It's easy to see how society can degenerate so quickly isn't it?

krip said...

Big brother looms.

Gavin Ayling said...

Nice picture. Big brother looming seems to be a description of the past to me ;-)

krip said...

Yeah sorry, it's already here.

the letter b said...

sorry if you already knew Krip, but mr wolfgang has a mention on wikipedia!

i have to say though that he's one dignified gentleman who never drew attention to the shoddy treatment he received. they never make the likes of him anymore, do they.

wonkotsane said...

New Labour, New Logo

Is anyone else reminded of pre-war Nazi Party rallies?