Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Whatever happened to the Knotted Hanky

A sight all too rare, in fact non - existent is the knotted hanky.
Remember the sight down the beach of Dad with head in hanky and trousers rolled up to the knee?
Why aren't today's alpha males adorning this ritual attire?
History records that this manly fertility symbol had the ladies swooning with lust.
How could any hot blooded woman resist that seemingly innocuous sheet of material with just a hint of bogey crisped up on the edge? Combined with a small flash of pink, hairy leg betwixt bottom of rolled up trouser and the top of standard issue long (usually grey) sock.
Men knew how to attract the fairer sex in those days, didn't they?


Honest Mr hoverFrog said...

You are forgetting that symbol of verility the tank top.

krip said...

Of course, how lapse of me.

Herschel Blackston said...

Very interesting.