Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"One doesn't have to walk through THAT thing, does one?

"Prince Andrew's latest overseas trip almost ground to a halt when he was barred from boarding a flight from Australia to New Zealand because he refused an airport security check."

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Oh dear, oh dear.

Here we go again with a certain member of the monarchy thinking he is above such trivia as being scanned just like one of us common oiks.

The indignity of it.

Welcome to the real world Andy.

Nice of you to visit once in a while.


wonkotsane said...

Well actually, is he required to go through the checks? The Queen certainly isn't but I suppose it depends on what capacity he was there as. Either way, he's not exactly a terrorism suspect is he?

krip said...

No he isn't, but wouldn't it set a good example to everybody else?
It only takes a couple of minutes and Royalty or not he is not above the law of the land.

GaffaUK said...

I think Andrew should queue for over an hour in a queue and paid his own airfare like the rest of us.

And if the Royals want to set a good example maybe they should pay inheritance tax.

"Alice" said...

You mean they don't? sarcasm off