Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The case for capital punishment

At last there is a voice of reason out there.
We waltzed into a plenary session about the need to curb serious crime - murder, rape, armed robbery, drugs trafficking, all those little things that make life in our inner cities so vibrant today. When I uttered the fact - not at that stage reinforced by an expression of opinion, but simply a fact - that the murder rate had quadrupled since the abolition of capital punishment, an embarrassed silence permeated the room. It was as if my personal hygiene had suddenly taken a turn very much for the worse. more

When are these liberal do-gooders going to realise, that with the advent of DNA testing and the huge leaps forward in forensic science, the chances of someone being wrongly convicted for murder are extremely slim. And what these murdering bastards need, is a proper deterrent. Not just for killers of police officers, but for anyone who commits this horrendous crime.

So thank you Simon Heffer for having the balls to speak up for us realists in this liberal, namby pamby nanny state we live in.


Stoom said...

Goodmorning, I just came to read al litlle outside my country.
Greetings from Holland.

"Alice" said...

There are many times when you have "blankness" written all over your forehead, but when you do sit down to write, you are top grade!

xenmate said...

killing is never justified. Life in prison is enough of a deterrent imo.

krip said...

xenmate - Prison a deterrent?
Then answer me why the murder rate has quadrupled since the abolition of the death penalty.

krip said...

stoom - Thanks for dropping by. You're very welcome.

the letter b said...

it's really easy to say imprison the criminals for life but it's the taxpayer who is going to upkeep those no-gooders. only bleeding hearts will go on saying that "innocents" may be wrongly sentenced to death, hence a prison sentence.

kidnapping and carrying of firearms - amongst others - carry the death sentence of hanging over here in singapore and i can vouch that we all here can sleep peacefully at night. both kidnapping and gun crime were rife in the 60's and early 70's. I can clearly remember a spate of robberies where victims were shot, and families of wealthy businessmen kidnapped and then murdered. the police and everyone else involved had better things to do than pursuing kidnappers no?

could we afford these criminals to ruin our lives? no we couldn't and yet there are folk - ie: australians fobbing their gobs that our sending one of theirs to the gallows is an AFFRONT to their dignity. convicts, what dya expect?

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I like your blog and your views. Thanks for the entertainment.

Skye said...

This is a compelling statistic in a pro death penalty argument.

I wish someone would come up with a metric to measure how many murders were prevented with the enforcement of the death penalty.

Murders do occur in countries that uphold the death penalty. No law ever written was 100% ironclad.

For example: It is against US traffic law to "run a red light". Does everyone in the US obey this law? I would hazard to guess this law is broken thousands of times every day across the nation.

Does this fact make this traffic law uneffective? Should we repeal this law, since it is woefully unable to completely erradicate "running of the red light"?

This is an excellent posting, Krip!

Then answer me why the murder rate has quadrupled since the abolition of the death penalty