Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hands off our duster

Whilst half heartedly having an ear cocked to what is laughingly called 'The News' tonight, my ghast was flabbered when I heard that some faceless b'euro' crat announces to those of his fellow european wasters who were still awake that,

"Wouldn't it be a wheeze if we were to abolish the Red Ensign used by the British Merchant Navy and design a European one."

Is nothing sacred anymore?

This is the flag flown for hundreds of years from British ships through countless wars, where thousands of merchant seamen (and some women) perished in the most horrendous conditions whilst fighting for their King/Queen and country.

This is the flag where many a sailor slid from under to a watery grave.

This is the flag that is known and respected throughout the world.

Do not these plebs realise the reverence a flag can command?

I served under the White Ensign and am immensely proud of that fact. A great surge of pride and patriotism overcomes me every time I see that flag flying.

Thankfully the House of Lords has dismissed the suggestion outright and let us hope that is the end of it.

Good grief Charlie Brown....

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the letter b said...

doesn't anybody realise that the continentals are a different race altogether - not to mention speakin strange tonuges? really, ever since i started working for myself, i just don't understand the way em continentals' brains work. and they all have problems working with us brits.

now talk of which, that may explain why they drive on the wrong side of the road.

krip said...

They are weird...

alfie said...

We draped the red duster on my Dad's coffin last February. He served in both the merchant and the Senior service during the war.....
He would be horrified but probably resigned .

You just know it's just going to carry on and on, until they adopt a Euro version. As sure as eggs is oeufs.