Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blue Peter, eat your heart out

With a few bits of scrap wood and screws, we knocked up this fetching roof for the bird table. No longer are our feathered friends required to dine al fresco, but they can now safely nibble their nuts under cover.
Our main reason for putting on a roof was to attempt to discourage the wood pigeons from hoovering up all the seed and just leaving a few scraps for the other birds. It has worked to some extent. They perch on the outside, but do not go undercover, so now there is always some grub for the robins/dunnocks/collared doves/blackbirds/starlings/tits and the odd passing ostrich.
Okay, I lied about the ostrich.....


Birdman said...

That's brilliant. Wish I was there!

krip said...

Stop press: The woodies are back - ggrrhh.