Saturday, March 18, 2006

England for the English

Why is it that whilst watching the six nations rugby, the English team sing the British anthem, whereas all the other participants belt out their own patriotic tunes?

And today, after the singing of the anthems, the band struck up England's unofficial and loved by many, Land of Hope and Glory. The commentary team repeatedly talked about the team line ups whilst the true English fans sung along to our song.

I heard today that Land of Hope and Glory was played whilst medals were dished out to English winners of the Commonwealth Games.

Isn't it about time we levelled out the playing field here?

When Great Britain is competing - National Anthem.
When HM is taking a bow - National Anthem.
When England compete - Land of Hope and Glory.

Nuff said.


kennamatic said...


It might be even more patriotic if some of the competitors learnt the words so they could sing along when getting there medals.

the letter b said...

but even then, some competitors - especially footballers being the guilty party - don't seem to know the words of the national anthem.

what's more disgraceful is older singaporeans remembering every single word to it - as witnessed during the Queen's state visit here.

even young canucks and aussies know it.

"Alice" said...

I tend to sing our lyrics to your music. Heh.
Sorry, couldn't help myself.