Monday, April 03, 2006

Green fingers

Last week I planted some onion sets in a tray filled part with soil and also with recycled waste composted down by moi. You know, all the spud peelings, banana skins etc. which used to just get chucked in the bin. Everything that is bio-degradable goes into our Green bin and miraculously appears as moist, black, earth smelling compost a few months later.

This weekend I also sowed some tomato seed in the same mixture.

It's like waiting for the birth of a newborn. I find myself daily checking for the first green shoot.

Would have I been doing this twenty years ago? Not bloody likely. Isn't it strange how we evolve as we grow older?


Birdman said...

Get yourself some cress seeds at Aldi (28p like all their seeds). Bit of compost in an old plastic strawbeey punnet. Grown in about 3 days and tasty. It's a little bit of green magic.

krip said...

Egg and cress sarnies with a dash of salad cream are my faves. We have an Aldi's in Maidstone. Might pop down that way this weekend.

Anonymous said...
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