Saturday, April 15, 2006

If you don't like the heat.......

I get thoroughly pissed of at what is now becoming a modern trend for serving members of our great armed forces whingeing on about certain wars being "illegal".

Point in case is Flt.Lt.Kendall-Smith, who refused a deliberate order to return to Iraq on the grounds of the Gulf War being, in his opinion, unlawful.

'Scuse me, but what's going on here?

When I took the Queens shilling and signed up, I always realised that my predominant role was to defend my nation or alternatively, to go where I was sent by the government of my time and to fight for whatever cause they decided was worthy enough. It was made pretty clear to me what I could be called upon to do and I was appropriately trained to do it. No argument. There was no debate about "legal" or "illegal" wars. If you were sent somewhere to perform a specific task, you did.

Fortunately, during my time served, I didn't experience any conflict, though we did have a dodgy moment concerning Belize where we actually readied the small arms on the ship.

I missed the Falklands War by five years. Yes, I'm glad I did, but if I had been involved, I wouldn't dream of questioning it. And yet this namby-pamby crabfat, who had already served in Iraq, decided to make a stand and refuse to go there.

I'm pretty sure a lot of his oppo's feel the same way, but come on mate, once you sign on the dotted, don't go preaching your rights and all that bollocks. You are a tool of HM Government and are to be used accordingly. You know the stakes.

If you don't like the heat, fuck off out of the kitchen.

He is now serving time in one of Her Majesties establishments instead of one of her airbases. Good riddance I say.


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the letter b said...

probably he's being a kiwi that explained it all. they just dislike being involved in massive conflicts.