Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scotland 1 - England 0

Work's a bitch at the moment. Our Edinburgh site is in the process of being shut down, resulting in many unfortunate redundancies. All the projects currently running are being transferred down to us at Rochester. Of which a lot of this work ends up with me.

Now I sympathise with the poor souls getting the chop, but just lately that is wearing a tad thin. Obviously, they do not give a shit about us down here in the south. After all, I've still got my job. So consequently, not a lot of co-operation is flowing our way. In fact they are going out of their way to make life as awkward as poss.

Jobs arrive short of parts and insufficient information is supplied and we are expected by our great masters to rise above this and get the job done. Pah! In their dreams.

It is very hard to bawl someone out on the end of a phone, especially when they do not give a toss, so methinks it is back to the gym tonight and take my frustration out on the treadmill whilst getting my eardrums shattered by Greenday. Better than listening to the crap they pump out to 'motivate' you.

Question: What is 'rap' all about?


Alison said...

sorry to hear that re work, very frustrating.

Its about nada. I get blasted by rap and R&B at the gym aswell. Its anything but motivating!

bazza27 said...

Try listening to the Transplants (Rancid, Blink 182 offshoot), what I like to think of as rap that I understand.

krip said...

Sorry bazza27. I listened and I still believe that rap is crap without the c.