Sunday, April 23, 2006

Talk Talk my arse

Whilst indulging in the regular custom of putting the world to rights over some hop juice last night, the subject of Talk Talks 'free broadband for life' cropped up.

A couple of us had been toying with the idea. I mean, free calls to the U.S. would be brilliant for us, as Mrs k daily rings little one in the States. You must have seen the ad where they have groups of people portraying a phone/keyboard etc. The promise was for just £20.99 you have unlimited calls and free broadband. Sound too good to be true?
You're damn right it did. So, this morning I did a little detective work. Logged onto their site and yes, everything they said was true, but being a cynical bastard like I am, I typed "TalkTalk problems" into Google. This is just an example of peoples experience of TalkTalk.

Consequently, the chances of me switching ISP to TalkShitTalk are as slim as a Twiglet with all the knobs off.


"Alice" said...

Hey, loverboy. Guess what? You've been tagged!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Krip - funny name - thanks for dropping by my blog. Your profile image suggests you may be a former "bovver boy". Do you support Millwall? Hey it's nice to find another old fart blogging - I'm also 52 and like you I have seen a lot but unlike you I think I have also learnt a lot - or was that just tongue-in-cheek mock humility on your part?

Just Jane said...

I also popped in to see you via your coment on Y.P's blog...and thank you!!!!

I was on the verge of succumbing ot have saved me!

Brian said...

Five minutes after reading your post I was called by TalkTalk. I put the phone down as soon as they told me who they were.

krip said...

Yorkshire pud: The name was given to me eons ago when I broke my leg. That's the sort of friends I have :)I have never been a 'bovver boy' as you succinctly put it and to say a West ham supporter actually mentions millwall (spit..), well.
just jane & brian: Just glad to help rid the world of lying, cheating money grabbers, that's all.

Mike said...

The free broadband offer is only if they have equipment in your local exchange too. A couple of guys at work phoned up about the offer and were told that they couldn't have the free broadband, but supply it for £10 per month.

It's probably just as well they didn't sign up.

Ian said...

Guess what, we even suffer from talktalk problems here in the states. Our good friends in Wales struggle mightily with dropped calls, busy signals, and disrupted email. In fact, our provider Comcast.Net, refuses to allow email into the system. It's apparently a majorly hacked ISP that is spamming the world.
Good luck, my British friends...

freedom said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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