Monday, May 15, 2006

Brighton Rock

With the M.O.T. test due on Monday and me panicking about the motor failing on emissions, I was advised to take the car on a good long run giving it stacks of welly. Apparently, this cleans out the catalytic converter. A good excuse to visit Brighton for the day.

Now Brighton is around seventy miles from us and we made it in just over an hour. I gave it some welly. We spent half as much time again trying to park and then getting out of the bloody car park.

The Brighton festival was in progress, although all we saw were a few Morris dancers and a couple of street entertainers. I think most of the action is in the evening. Whilst admiring some of the wonderful regency architecture typical of Brighton, we noticed a sign inviting an open house. It was actually a local artist displaying their pottery, but Mrs k was just interested in mooching around one if these gorgeous buildings. Bit of a disappointment actually as most of them have been split up into studio/flats, thus spoiling their original interiors.

The sun graced us with its presence for a while and we enjoyed a lovely stroll along the prom. Tiddly-om-pom-pom. Visited 'The Lanes' and had a wander on the only remaining pier. I took a few pictures, but the day was pretty grey which didn't inspire me to be too creative. My favourite is the one of the little sweet shop.

Suitably knackered and paying a second mortgage for the parking we flew back home. It was great to get back and put our feet up with a lovely cup of tea/coffee.

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