Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The English obsession with bank holiday outings.

So it's Bank Holiday Monday and little'un is home.

"Let's go out somewhere"


"What about visiting Wildwood and looking at the animals?"


Waterproofs in the car and off we go. As is expected, it starts pissing down as soon as we set off. Not to worry, one of us is English and this is what we do on Bank Holidays, whatever the weather.

We arrive at the sea of mud called Wildwood, just down the road from Canterbury. After being relieved of a second mortgage, we enter the sea of mud and saw:

An Adder lying in mud.
Red Deer walking in mud.
Wolves playing in mud.
Wild Boar adding to the mud.

All in all we saw very little wildlife, but a hell of a lot of mud. Most of the little beasties were tucked up in the warm and dry and what we did see had a fascination for mud. Needless to say, it was not an altogether successful outing, so we headed off for a pub lunch and found this delightful inn in a little village called Westbere which is situated just North of Canterbury. And of course, the sun came out.

Good food, great real ales and a charming host. What more could you want to end the day?

Shame about the mud, though.


the letter b said...

hope little un had a good day out time in spite of the mud, eh krip :D

krip said...

I don't think she appreciates our wonderful English weather.