Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Got a light, Sir?"

According to an article in today's newspapers, pupils as young as fourteen at Tinshill Learning Centre in Leeds can have a fag without being crafty about it. Only if they have a note from their parents though. But here is the good bit. The teaching staff are not permitted to smoke. Apparently the new policy is meant to help pupils stop smoking and reduce confrontations with teachers.

A spokesman for Education Leeds said: "We do everything to support our young people to make healthy lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, a number of young people who attend Tinshill do smoke and sometimes we have to take a special approach to a very serious problem.

"Their smoking did not begin at the centre and is not encouraged or condoned by us. We have introduced this trial to help them move from their dangerous habit towards a smoking cessation programme. This follows guidance from health professionals by bringing the problem out into the open, informing parents and carers of their child's habit."

What's that all about? They are depriving these poor urchins the thrill of that crafty fag behind the bike sheds. The surge of adrenalin as you light up within spitting distance of the enemy (Mr. Hall the R.E. teacher). The panic as the sound of heavy footsteps approaching necessitates much hand flapping to dissipate the smoke. Accordingly, the sale of Extra Strong Mints will plummet.

See blog title.....


Yorkshire Pudding said...

What's up with you man? Are you a Nazi or something? These poor misunderstood and damaged young people need to be treated with humanity and kindness. If they want to rock back on their chairs and tell their teachers to fuck off then let them. Sex in computer room - what's the problem? Smoking fags - so what? They relieve the tension caused by all that heavy GCSE coursework that those bastard teachers set them. And they are PAID to be there remember!

the letter b said...

i fear for the future of humankind. i really do.


krip said...

YP: Of course you're right. How crass of me. I tried being a nazi one weekend. The uniform was great but the music and marching was a bit too much for my delicate disposition. Didn't go much on the genocide bit, either.

b: So do I. So do I.