Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shepherd Neame given the finger

Here's an article in our local paper that made me chuckle.

"Shepherd Neame has removed 'risque' wording from one of its beer adverts following a complaint which has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority.
The advertisement for Bishops Finger Ale showed a woman in a low-cut medieval costume sitting provocatively on a bale of hay."

I don't know what they are complaining about, for years this delicious ale has been affectionately known as 'Nun's Delight'

Full story here...


the letter b said...

but it's perfectly okay and inoffensive to see a woman in a low-cut skimpy provocative dressing behaving badly in the city centre, hollering at the top of her voice, stumbling down the steps and then vomitting all over the place. and all this while showing us the public more than what is intended.

or sitting provocatively at the bar giving all the men a come-hither look.

must be some nothing-better-to-do feminists complaining. they are a pain in the arse, aren't they?

bazza27 said...

They should have called it "Bishops Cock" and had done with it. Anybody know what the offending text was, so we can make our own minds up?

Ale Fan said...

I think the problem is to do with associating alcohol with sex. It encourages spotty teenagers to binge drink. Or something like that. Damn fine beer though.

the boy who likes to said...

I like the genius who thought up Bishops Finger after being told to scrap Nun's Delight.

I'd buy him a pint!