Friday, October 13, 2006

Spooky, or what?

It has been a challenging day, today.

I cocked up at work, which could have pushed the defence budget over the edge.
Whilst wrestling with an obstinate glue tube, I succeeded in squirting said super glue all over my jeans.
Received a letter informing me that I had an overdue payment on my car insurance and that they are charging me an extra £25 for being a naughty boy. I had inadvertently cancelled the direct debit. Another senior moment.
Could not get through on their "24 hour help line" and when I eventually did, you guessed it, I was put on hold for the next millennium.
Our internet connection keeps dropping off.
Suspected phone plug as the internet fault. Bought a new one. Even worse. Put the old one back. Works a treat.
Walked outside and promptly trod on one of Barney's finest (turds that is).

But am I bitter?

You're bloody right I am.

And if anybody smugly informs me that it is Friday 13th, I shall "skweem, skweem, skweem until I am sick".

By the way. I crawled under a black cat this afternoon, so I think I am alright now.

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