Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hound from Hell

We had a bit of a scare yesterday when we took Barney to have his booster at the vets, aka licensed bandits.
This bloke was sitting with his Staffordshire Terrier when we entered, which immediately went berserk at Barney's expense. Now Barney is a happy go lucky dog, who loves everyone. He will get on with most dogs he meets, no problem. For some reason, this evil dog really wanted to rip his throat out and nearly did. The man could obviously hardly restrain the beast and then it busted it's collar and went straight for poor old Barney. Mr's K was holding him at the time that all hell broke loose whilst I was trying to book him in at reception. The dog from hell actually got a grip on Barney's leg before it was pulled off and hastily dragged into the examination room. Fortunately the top vet actually witnessed it all and examined the now shaken Barney for any obvious injuries. Thankfully, no damage was done although he was obviously a little out of sorts, as was Mr's K and a couple of ladies in the waiting room. One even burst into tears over it.
Once peace and tranquility was restored and Barney was called for his jab, the nurse told us that the owner of the Hades fiend had been read the riot act over his dogs behaviour. It transpires that it was a rescue dog and he had only had it a couple of weeks . The problem with rescue dogs (except Barney, of course) is that you rarely have any idea of their previous owners. For all this bloke knew, his dog could have been trained to fight by some Neanderthal who thinks it makes him look 'ard with a 'staffy' on the end of a rope.
Anyway, Barney got his jab and a huge fuss was made of him and I was relieved of £46. Hence the "aka licensed bandits" quote.
And do you know what? That bloke never even apologised about his dogs behaviour

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Anonymous said...

I think you highlight the problem adequately by saying that the man had no idea of the previous owners but it's worth bearing in mind that Stafford's are bred to fight other dogs, this trait is being removed by conscientious breeders now thankfully, but they do still need a very dedicated and experienced owner to ensure they get the training they need.

I hope your dog was fine after all, as for the bloke not apologising well, a lot of people just lack common or garden manners.

All the best, good luck with the blog.