Friday, June 08, 2007

Derbyshire, here we come

This time next week, we will all be settled in a pretty cottage in a small village called Winster within the Peak District.

If I'm honest, the main reason for visiting this beautiful area of our green and pleasant land, is to experience the Alton Towers phenomenon. Little Miss k has been banging on about going for sometime now. We were all set last year until I discovered that she wasn't tall enough for the real rides by about half and inch. I refuse to talk in tongues. Metrification has yet to enter my conscious, sub or otherwise.

I wouldn't be totally truthful if I didn't say that I want to go just as much. Being an adrenalin junkie, I love the thrill of being thrown around at seemingly impossible speeds and angles whilst keeping the contents of my stomach where they should be. Coupled with the fact that we have two days visit for the price of one, so it just has to be done.

The walking boots are packed for some serious yomping amid the Peak District and of course a visit to the Chatsworth estate is a must. Some friends of ours who live just a couple of miles from Winster don't know it yet, but they are getting a visit. Probably at their local boozer - I hope.

Anybody with any further suggestions of places to see, don't hesitate to let me know.


Jennyta said...

Enjoy your break. I hope the weather stays fine for you.

John Geddes said...

Winster's a great place (we think so, as we live here).

There's Live Jazz in Winster on Sunday 17 June - see Winster website

One other idea - there's smashing cycling on several former railway lines (cycle hire available) - links also from Winster website.

John Geddes
Winster, Derbyshire

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If you are visiting Chatsworth then you might as well drive on to Sheffield where I can meet you for a few pints and drink your Southern ass under the table! Your Yankee wife would probaly like a shopping expedition to Meadowhall, Seriously... What about Arbor Low near Monyash - the "Stonehenge of the North" - where so many ley line collide. I always loved that place.

krip said...

jennyta:We will. Thanks
john geddes:I like the idea of cycling, but I am in the minority of one.
YP:My days of drinking under tables and other assorted furniture are well numbered thank you and I might get giddy that far oop north. But thanks for the thought.
I am surprised that a true Englishman like yourself (albeit a Yorkshireman)does not know how to spell arse, or did we slip into the Yank vernacular? And you should know better than to mention the 'S' word to members of the female sex.
Arbor Low is noted.

Steve said...

I always enjoyed Eyam.