Saturday, July 14, 2007

The wonders of management

A month ago my department (they are actually called "cells". What's that all about?) had a change of middle manager and like all prats with a very high opinion of themselves, he wanted to make "alterations" to "improve productivity and efficiency".

Yesterday we had five rows of two work benches and today we now have three rows of four work benches.


This cost the company the loss of a mornings work by myself and five of my colleagues due to the upheaval, plus the expense of outside contractors to the tune of £10,000 (yes, £10,000) because Health and Safety dictates that there is no way that we could do it ourselves. Apparently we are not insured to get involved in manual labour.

Monday we will all be altering said benches to something to what they were before this brainwave occurred. Another mornings work lost.

British management.

Don't it make you want to cry.

P.S. The two extra benches didn't slip past you, did they?

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