Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beware Bouncy Castles

Two weeks ago, we went to a friends son's 21st at their house. A Bouncy castle was wobbling in the garden, so of course I had to act the kid and have a go.

Consequently, my neck has been aching ever since.

Obviously it isn't as supple and flexible as I thought. Now where's that 'Deep Heat'?


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Your lovely American wife could rub some "Deep Heat" in to the affected area and then if you are lucky - travel south! Oh baby!

Laura said...

Think real carefully, yorkshire pud, what you are suggesting. Deep Heat cream on neck (and on my hands) and then...traveling south.

Oh, baby! would not be the word I'm thinking of coming out of his mouth. Heh.

krip said...

AArrgghhhhhhh.....Comes to mind.