Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More PC madness

Down in sunny Brighton an exhibition of sand sculptures depicting ancient Egypt has been set up on the beach.
Thousands of tons of the stuff has been imported and shaped by artists of several nationalities.
And what is wrong with that, I hear you ask?
They didn't apply for planning permission.
Because they are above a certain height, they are subject to local planning laws.
For fucks sake Brighton & Hove council or whoever, get your fingers out of your arses and rip up this ludicrous byelaw.
As they are only going to be here for the summer, attracting tourists and yes, money to the area, wouldn't it be prudent to swallow humble pie and just congratulate a job well done for the benefit of everyone.



"Alice" said...

And they are made of sand. Wind blows sand, rain "melts" the sand. They will probably disappear before the paperwork is done.

Someone really needs to tell these people to go pound sand.

Shooting Parrots said...

How on earth can sand sculptures be considered permanent structures. Mind boggles at such petty-fogging.

~*Bettie said...


oh yeah, uh huh!