Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nobody fails in this school kids...

The latest piece of PC bollocks.
An education spokesman today proposed that the word 'fail' must not be used in today's schools. If a little angel does in fact FAIL an exam, it must be referred to as a 'deferred success'.
What a complete load of utter bollocks.
They are afraid that if a little angel thinks he/she is a failure, they will end up being emotionally scarred for life.
One other example of this countries attempts to completely wrap our kids in three ply cotton wool.
Aren't the poor little mites going to be allowed to experience any emotion short of being blissfully happy - permanently?
As all us of well trodden old farts know through the experience of life, it 'aint like that.
I believe that children should experience failure, losing, hurt etc. It's the only way to prepare them for this shitty world we all live in.


"Alice" said...

I do believe flunked is a good word.
Sometimes I feel like we are living in some Star Trek episode.

Mike said...

When will the world or Brits wake up and realise that we are now really living in 1984?

1. We are surrounded by News Speak;
2. we're bombarded by politicians lies to hide what is really going on,
3. we're continually told what we should think and if we don't think it then it's against the law or will be soon,
4. law abiding citizans are under constant surveillence,
5. our pockets are continually picked by those who think they know best,
6. our rights are under constant threat of reduction, in the name of of a fight against an unseen foe (yes I know they exist but my how HMG play on it)
7. The gullible public are brainwashed enough to keep voting the same old corrupt bastards back into power, to continue plotting our decent into submission.

And lots more.

Rant Over.

It's not about political correctness, it's about control and nobody is fighting it. People are following 'orders' from these idiotic control freaks like sheep.

Mike said...

decent = descent.

Note to myself: write out 100 times I must proof read my comments before submitting. :)

krip said...

Calm down Mike, I think we get your gist and I agree with every word

Shooting Parrots said...

A dose of reality? How about "Success deferred -- indefinitely."

skye said...

This just in from the land of fruit and nutz - California!

"An increasingly popular grading theory insists red ink is stressful and demoralizes students, while purple, the preferred color, has a more calming effect."

"This is a kinder, more gentler education system, the connotation of red is that it is not as constructive as the color purple."

Geez, let's just let them all pass their grades, as we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!