Sunday, August 14, 2005

Back home

For the last two years I have been suffering.
I have had to endure the constant humiliation and jibes from friends and colleagues at work and at the pub about my beloved West Ham United wallowing in the Championship.


An emphatic 3 - 1 victory over those Northern thugs masquarading as Blackburn Rovers was just reward for my misery. I can now hold my head up once more now that we are back home in the Premiership.



Shooting Parrots said...

Good result yesterday. I had it on the radio and it sounded as if the Hammers were under the cosh in the first half, so quite a come back. Probably should have been four.

krip said...

Yes, the first twenty minutes were nerve wracking, but class prevailed.

~*Bettie said...

West Ham?


I'm not even sure what sport your talking about, but what in bloody hell is intimidating about a ham. . .

See, I'm all about the 49ers.
Nuff said.

Steve said...

Good result Krip and I see our ex-blue Mr Dickov endeared himself to the oppositin fans again.

krip said...

Ty - West Ham United are the greatest 'soccer' team in the country.
Nuff said :)

Mosher said...

A good result from my point of view as it saw that Welsh twat Bellamy on the losing side. And Savage. Pair of cnuts.

Also, Portsmouth lost with that greedy sloth Robert now playing for them. Good.

And joy upon joy, Charlton with 10 men shitting on the mackems. I almost didn't care about our 2-0 loss to the referee on the Sunday.

krip said...

I bet you were glad to get rid of that prick Bellamy then?

~*Bettie said...

But its a HAM!?

The only ham I am scared of is. . . well. . . ok, I'm just not afraid of Ham. And in soccer, are you not supposed to be intimidating. . . Like the Columbus Crew?