Sunday, August 14, 2005

Great Britain epitomisd

Sally Gunnell seen congratulating one of our athletes at what is fast becoming a disastrous World Athletics Championships at Helsinki for achieving the distinction of coming eighth just about sums up what is wrong about the state of our sporting nation.
Could you see this happening in Australia or the States? I think not.
But on the other hand, is it such a bad thing to congratulate someone on trying their best even though it is crap in the eyes of the rest of the world?
This is what we are great at. We are undoubtedly the best losers in the world and aren't we so charming and magnanimous about it.
It just 'aint cricket to complain about coming eighth. She did her best and that is all that matters.
Yep, sometimes I am proud to be British (especially now that we are giving the Aussies a taste of their own medicine in the Ashes).


Shooting Parrots said...

With all the junk food that kids eat, the computers they sit in front of and the lack of sports at school, I'm amazed that we have anyone good enough to take part, let alone compete.

krip said...

Maybe they should classify 'binge drinking' as a sport. We would sweep the board.

the letter b said...

Non-related this, but during last year's SANZAR home tests - or summat - whilst at the local and being the only england supporter amongst the kiwis, i had to bear and grin the windings-up directed at the telly. so after the final whistle, i congratulated these same people, of which came the remark, "that's one thing we like you english [heh!], your very gracious in defeat..".

this coming from a scot. i know, traitor, him.