Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rain Man strikes again

My lovely lady and I love curling up with a good DVD to watch. We don't actually buy any, but rent them from Screen Select . For fifteen quid a month, we can have up to three DVD's at a time. Great for those miserable nights when there's fuck all worth watching on the telly (that's nearly every night).
Last night was one of those nights. The great thing about renting as opposed to buying, is that you have access to some of those old classic movies you watched years ago and forgot all about.
I had forgotten how brilliant Dustin Hoffman was in Rain Man. His role as an autistic man recently discovered by his arrogant, materialistic brother played by a very young looking Tom Cruise was spellbinding and just reminds you what a superb actor Hoffman is.
Go on, give it a go. You will not be disappointed.


Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

I'm a member of screen select also.

I find they are handy for catching TV series you missed. I've been watching "Dead like me" over the past few days.

Each time I visit I think of adding Ferris Buelers day off to my selection :) Not the best film in the world, but every guy my age wanted to be him as a kid.

the letter b said...

i left the cinema humbled, not to mention wanting to chin tom cruise if i had the opportunity.

"Alice" said...

"the letter b", have you ever noticed that Tom Cruise always seems to just play himself in all his films. Now, Dustin Hoffman is a great actor.

the letter b said...

yes Alice, especially that smirk, and he earns millions. his ex wife can't act much either. she of the perpetually knitted brow and cocker spaniel curls.
do you remember Tootsie? classic film that :)

"Alice" said...

She of the UK's absolute darling. Haven't figured out what the obsession of Ms. Kidman is, but it's there.