Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Why, why, why?

"RADICAL cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed is to have his benefits stopped after leaving Britain for Lebanon."

Benefits? Why the fuck is he on benefits?
This prick has been living off the state with his family for the last twenty years, earning around £275,000.
He receives more than £15,000 a year in unemployment, child and disability benefits.
Recently he took charge of a £31,000 people carrier, compliments of HMG i.e. the British taxpayer.
He has been recorded on camera openly supporting suicide bombers who would be prepared to perform their vile deeds in this country. That's right, the same country that has welcomed him with open arms for the last two decades.
If these people hate the decadent Western way of life, then why are they here. They should fuck off ASAP back to their holyland .
I get so bloody angry when I hear that our government constantly defends these peoples rights. And now to cap it all, the cunt is actually thinking of returning to these fair shores for a heart operation (cost £7,500) on the NHS which apparently he is entitled to. And you know what? He will be welcomed with open arms.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I get so fucking pissed off with this and I am not alone.
This country under that wanker Tony Blair has regressed into the worst nanny state on the planet. Other western countries can not believe that we are so lenient towards foreign aggressors. Frankly, neither can I.
Sometimes I am just ashamed to be English.

P.S. See blog title....


Shooting Parrots said...

I heard on the news that they can send him and his ilk home because they have assurances that they won't come to any harm.

Call me heartless, but I want assurances that they will be harmed.

Mosher said...

Am I right in saying he's not been told to fuck off and can't come back?

Now - can we have our fucking money back off the sponging shitbag?

Cu'cullen said...

Krip, Yeah man! Be pissed, speak out and make the changes. Not well thought out to blame Tony Blair for a "collective" social mentality thats been around for a long time. Everyone had to think it a good idea somewhere along the way or the social program wouldn't exist..As for me, I'd be happy to see all Muslims (no such thing as a moderate camel jockeys) sent back, period!