Monday, August 22, 2005

Spud or Love Apple?

Over the last few weeks, slowly but surely, a little piece of nature has been growing in the garden. There were several of these plants gradually pushing their way up to the light.
What were they we asked ourselves?
Some foreign weed perhaps, or maybe some dodgy weed. No such luck there I'm afraid. Neither of us remembered planting anything there, but relying on our combined brainpower is a bit risky these days.
After a while, a few white flowers started opening and I had cracked it (or so I thought). They were the humble British potato, until that is, a slightly bulbous growth appeared on a couple of the upper branches. They were getting quite big by now.
Change of tack. Our mystery plant must be tomatoes then. Spuds don't grow above ground.
"O yes they do I hear you cry".
Yesterday, whilst hacking the grass down, I glanced in the direction of the alien plant and noticed a yellowish hump just breaking the surface.
My first deduction was correct and I unearthed a small bowl full of home grown spuds, which I promptly cooked up for us accompanied by some delicious lamb. Mm mm mm, home grown veg .
I remember now planting some rather pungent potatoes that were well past their sell by date when the little one was over here last summer - I think. There goes the memory again.


Shooting Parrots said...

Excellent, though still not quite on a par with the Honda ad. Me, I can eat brussels sprouts if they are baby ones, not overcooked and sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

Also fond of buttered cabbage and, like you, broad beans, but for the most part me and Master P don't do green.

Shooting Parrots said...

Oops! Parked on the wrong coments page!

Mosher said...

Mmmm... spuds. Although I've not seen a waffle tree yet. Or do they grow underground?

Anonymous said...

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