Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bad light my arse

What is it with all this 'bad light' nonsense so freely exploited in today's modern game?
Only up until recently I was regularly involved in our wonderful game of cricket. No, I was no Freddie Flintoff or Shane Warne. Just an amateur player getting out every weekend to some part of this green and pleasant land.
I have played cricket in the pouring rain amidst thunder and lightning.
I have played cricket when the pavilion lights are on.
I have played cricket with puddles in the outfield.
More often than not, I batted at 10 or 11, which meant the re-introduction of the oppositions fastest bowlers to 'wipe up the tail'. I never wore a helmet and my only protection apart from the obvious box for the cosseting of wedding tackle and pads, was a thigh pad. In all my years playing I faced some pretty mean bowlers. If you were hit, it was considered your own fault as you had a perfectly sound piece of willow to protect yourself with.
And as for bad light.
I can not remember any game at all where we came off for bad light. Everyone just played on until the end, no question.


Shooting Parrots said...

Ah yes, but I bet the umpires didn't have one of those light meter gizmos.

Mind you, you can imagine their use in amateur cricket:

Umpire One: "Have you taken a reading?"

Umpire Two: "Yes."

Umpire One: "And?"

Umpire Two: "And what?"

Umpire One: "Should we offer the batsmen the light?"

Umpire One: "Dunno. It's too dark to read the bloody thing."

krip said...

Something like that lol :)