Monday, September 05, 2005

Coming down

Phew! What a trip that was.

I have just returned from Cloud 9. I went up there on a wave of euphoria when we whupped the Aussies to go 2-1 up in the Ashes.

It is a while since I last reached such exalted heights. I should go up there more often. Up there, you meet people who are equally ecstatic over things like e.g. Great Britain getting the Olympics for 2012 or experiencing two consecutive days of sunshine.

I met a couple of Formula 1 fans that were celebrating the demise of that once unstoppable Michael Schumacher.

Some West Ham devotees who were just 'over the moon' that the Irons were back in the Premiership.

My missus joined me for a while after I had eventually got around to planting some flowers in the garden. Even our dog Barney briefly visited when he finally caught that fly he had been after all morning.

Yes, I thoroughly recommend going on Cloud 9 occasionally. That surge of adrenaline is a pure tonic.

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the letter b said...

i have had been hoping guinness is also served on cloud 9 :D one has to make the most whilst up there.