Tuesday, September 06, 2005

When will they learn

I was rather surprised and a little shocked to see that the Japanese government saw fit to erect this statue of a Kamikaze pilot to commemorate their war dead.
You may think it is sited in Japan. Dead wrong there. They have the insensitivity to have parked it at Mabalacat airfield in the Philippines where the first raids took off, in the hope that it would attract Japanese tourists.
Sod the feelings of the local Phillipino's then.
I think it is about time the whole world stopped this glorification of war.
It 'aint nice. It's messy. It's bloody and it's a waste of time, resources and most importantly of all, lives.
What was gained through both world wars?
Your right.....fuck all.
I am no whining liberal and I would defend my country at the drop of a hat if called upon, but go overseas at some politicians behest just to settle a score or slap someones wrist?
Not this old sea dog.

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the letter b said...

now i realised the filipino's aren't protesting 'cos they need the tourist money. badly. money overrides morality.