Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Get off his back

Does anybody in the world, apart from Mark Steyn, have anything good to say about George W. Bush? Being married to a staunch republican myself, I now see things a lot more clearly through her eyes.

Our news channels grab every opportunity to knock George W. and his party. And I mean every opportunity. The BBC and ITV have been simply orgasmic over Hurricane Katrina and the terrible outcome. Every night we are subjected to 'gobs on sticks' (real journalists words for news presenters) hammering the nails in harder over the chaos that was is New Orleans et al.
This type of behaviour from my countrymen is not reserved for shellshocked U.S. presidents. Oh no. I am ashamed to say that the majority of our media take great delight in getting the story, rather than obtaining the facts. They are famous for building up persona's and once they have them up there, they take equal glee in chopping them back down to earth.

Personally, I am not at all politically minded. I believe most politicians whatever their country, party or gender are in it for their own means, whether it be the power it gives them or just all the perks they can take advantage of.

When I vote, it is for the party that shares my ideals and not for the colour of their rosette. And yes, despite believing that our government is basically full of bent bastards (and I do not mean gay, but then again....), I will always vote as is my right.

I would like to think that I can and do make a fair assessment of most arguments. It is only reasonable to try and see both sides of any dispute, but all too often I see people believe exactly what the media want you to believe and rant and rave about the alleged wrongdoings of sometimes completely innocent people.

I have been and always will be a great admirer of the Hon. Margaret Thatcher because she stuck by what she said more than any politician before or since. Some will say her stand against Argentina when they invaded the Falklands Islands was to save her political career. Maybe it was, but she pulled the whole (well nearly all) the British nation together in support of her decision to send a task force to kick their arses back off. But even then, our wonderful media had the knives out at every opportunity. And eventually they were instrumental in her fall from office.

This is why I feel quite sorry for George W. at the moment. Any leader of any country be it the U.S. or Faroe Islands has a bloody hard job to do and my hat goes off to them, well maybe not President Mugabe, but that is another story.
So back off all you Bush bashers and give the bloke a chance. He sure 'aint perfect, but he is all you've got for now.

Oh yeah and I think Prime Minister Blair is a bit of a wrist job.


MonicaR said...

I agree. President of the US (POTUS) is definitely not the best job to have in the world, especially right now.

Does 'wrist job' mean sort of weak and ineffective. Weenie-ish?

I will hand it to Blair for standing by us and it was a surprise to me that he did. He and Clinton were so buddy-buddy. I never expected him to take the stand that he did.

krip said...

Wrist job or wanker is a derogatory term much used in my country.
To give its literal translation, a wrist job is a masturbator.
Somebody not worth bothering about.
Thanks for visiting :)

MonicaR said...

Ohhhhhhhhh okay. Thanks. A jerk-off it sounds like.

Mike's America said...

I'm a big Thatcher fan too. She IS one of the greatest of all British Prime Ministers.

I remember seeing her at the White House on her last state visit to see President Reagan.

Years later in 2000, I was walking through Belgrave Square and her motorcade pulled up and she popped out of a green Jaguar with Denis pulling up the rear.

We were so grateful over here that she could attend President Reagan's funeral.