Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just chuck it in the bin

Is this the brains behind Blockbusters video rental company?

Putting unwanted DVDs into a bin in the door is all well and good.



Elle said...

It sounds horrible but the alternative is even worse.

This 'baby flap' (originated in Germany some years ago) is used by mothers who would otherwise dump the children on the street, drown or strangle it.

True, getting pregnant in the circumstances of these women isn't advicable in the first place but if it does, this surely is better than letting those babies die?

the letter b said...

and there are those who can't seem to have children just because they are infertile. makes you wonder why these cows who abandoned their "unwanted" babies are not neutered(!) in the first place

Shooting Parrots said...

There were times with Master P when I could have been tempted on a "leave and collect in 10 years" basis ;0)

krip said...

You might have hit on something there Polly.

Postman said...

An unsatisfactory soution to a very undesirable problem, better than murdering the little bastard either in or outside the womb.

Mt daughter adopted a live birth baby of a University student who arrived at hospital claiming stomach ache and delivered a baby 3 hours later.

All doin' fine. child can contact mother when 18 (this is in IN. USA)