Monday, September 26, 2005

Lies, lies and more lies

I heard one of the funniest jokes of my time today. But definitely not funny ha ha.

Who are these murdering bastards trying to kid? Granted they have not killed or maimed any innocent women or children lately, but does everyone honestly believe that after decades of hostilities against the British government, they have seen the error of their ways and decomissioned ALL their weapons .

Of course they haven't. They enjoy murdering people under the feeblest of pretexts. It is like a drug to them and they are hooked.

And there are those two pious wankers Adams and his sidekick goon, McGuiness telling all those gullible souls that armed conflict is now history.

Watch the news and see how long it is before someone is kneecapped or worse by these murderous scum who hide their faces behind masks. Oh such brave lads they are.

Go crawl back into your stinking holes you shits and stop trying to kid the world that you will be good little boys from now on. If the government ever brings back hanging for these wankers, put me at the head of the queue for hangman. I would gladly make them swing and I would not wear a mask either.


the letter b said...

it's moments like this i'm thankful i live in singapore. death by hanging is the punishment here for murder and drug offences mainly.

yet they [foreign human rights noseyparkers and filipinos] cried foul that a woman was hung for murdering her fellow filipina back in 1993? now we have got similar case, this time the domestic helper chopped up her love rival into pieces. and the whole country got their collective knickers into a twist yet again.

Gary Monro said...

With the Loyalist paramilitaries still armed and the enemy - the British Army - still patrolling the streets I think the chances that the IRA decommissioned all - or even most - of their arsenal are slim.

But how will we know anway? We don't know how many they had to start of with so we're going to have to trust the IRA to be telling the truth. And not many people are likely to do that...

krip said...

"so we're going to have to trust the IRA"
That is the crux of the matter. Trusting the IRA.
I think not.

krip said...

I didn't realise that Singapore still had the death sentence.
Good for them.

GaffaUK said...

Funny despite the War on Terror, Gerry Adams is still welcome in the US. Handshakes with Clinton, meetings with Bush and Blair. A year after 9/11 and Adams was given a banquet in Manhattan. Bush should never have let him in.

krip said...

The problem is that a lot of our american cousins think of the IRA as freedom fighters.
Poor misguided souls.

"Alice" said...

gaffauk, you are British, of course you feel this way. The mass majority of people in the USA who favor the IRA are Irish CATHOLICS, of course they favor them. (I'm not saying I approve this.) The politicians have to play nice to this group because this group holds a lot of sway over American politics.

War on Terror and the feelings towards the IRA are two different issues...don't confuse them.

And please, don't come back and try to debate this issue. You are not an American and I am not British. So our understanding of it will be definitely different. And before you start, like I said above...I don't personallly approve of the IRA, even though I am a Catholic.