Friday, October 21, 2005

Brussels here we come

Tomorrow we are going on the Eurostar to Brussels.

So think of us getting up at around 5 o'clock to catch the 07.20 from Ashford International Station.

Neither of us have ever been to Brussels, although I have had a few visits to Belgium over the years. I vaguely remember a trip to a local beer festival that ended in one of my mates fusing all the lights in the bar whilst slightly inebriated.

We should arrive in the city at 10 o'clock (their time) and if it was left to Mrs K, we would be heading for the nearest chocolate shop, closely followed by the tobacconists. I shall have to keep her on a tight rein.

Yesterday we perused the local W.H. Smith for a travel guide. You know the thing. Places of interest to visit, bars to drink in and of course the best place to tuck in to some good old moules et frites.

Out of the dozens of books on show, there was one on Belgium which was priced at £11. You can forget that sunbeam, we'll make do with a local guide when we arrive at the station.

As we will have been on our plates all day, we have decided to return via First Class. Just a little treat for ourselves and why not? We will be wined and dined as we are whisked back to good ol' Blighty.

The digital camera will be with us, so I hope to get a few good pics.

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