Friday, October 21, 2005

"England expects....."

For those people not familiar with our shores, today is Trafalgar Day.

On this day we are commemorating the great victory by the glorious British fleet over the combined navies of France and Spain off the Iberian coast at Trafalgar.

Have a tot of rum for Horatio Nelson, God bless 'im.

In short, we kicked their arses exactly 200 years ago, but I'm not gloating......

Oops. Am I allowed to say that?


GaffaUK said...

Hi Krip - do you think many on our shores even know what happened at Trafalgar?

krip said...

Unfortunately, a lot of our yoof are rather ignorant of the fact. I asked a couple of our young apprentices at work and they were pretty vague about it. One thought it was only the french fleet we annihilated. A sad reflection of the education system, methinks.