Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gaspers beware

Here it comes folks.

Yes, they've managed to bar it from public places and now that last retreat for the sucking of coffin nails is under threat.

Please re-arrange these words to form a well known phrase.

"civil, infringement, liberties, of"

Smoking in boozers has never really bovvered me, especially as I am a long term non - smoker. It wouldn't be the same without those ashtrays of stale stubs nestling against the odd discarded peanut, would it?

What else has the present government got up its sleeve to make life more miserable for us long suffering law abiding citizens?

Ban the drinking of tea?


GaffaUK said...

Can you sit next to someone and passively drink tea?

Do you think offices and airlines should bring back smoking?

One person's liberty - can infringe on someone else's. I guess though who work in pubs don't have any health and safety rights?

And they seemed to ban smoking in pubs pretty successfully in Ireland. And guess what - all the puns aren't empty.

MonicaR said...

Oh Gawd. Here he goes again.

krip said...

Yeah,here he goes again. Bless..
I've never visited Ireland, but I cannot wait to experience some of their 'puns'.

wonkotsane said...

Cigarette smoke kills, there's no denying it. It's an addictive drug, a carcinogen and a straight-fforward poison. If someone wants to slowly smoke themselve to death, poisoning their body until it self destructs (like my dear old Grandad did) then fine, go ahead. However, I don't want to die an exruciating death coughing up pieces of my cancerous lungs because a smokers civil liberties are more important than the health of non-smokers. Should I be allowed to shit in the street? People who don't shit in the street don't have to walk in it and get whatever diseases come with it when the flies and maggots settle in for a disease-ridden feast.

GaffaUK said...

Sorry Wonkotsane - you're suppose to agree not put a reasonable response back!

krip said...

OOhhh Meeeeow!

GaffaUK said...

C'mon krip - what do you reckon?

Should offices and airlines bring back smoking?

And do you think the 'pubs' (no pun intended) are empty now in Ireland?

krip said...

Everyone off their high horses now. I was just having a mild dig at liberties and the infringing of i.e. smoking, hunting.
Of course they shouldn't reinstate smokign in offices and airlines. My workplace is smoke free and all the better for it, as am I.
What about 'smoking only' pubs? Surely that would appease the gaspers, although they probably wouldn't be able to see each other from one side of the bar to another.
I visited New York recently where they have a ban in the bars. Upon entering, first you had to traverse the gaggle of people outside stealing a quick fag.

GaffaUK said...

Personally I don't mind smoking in pubs (usually - depends on how bad it is) even though I'm a non-smoker. However I am surprised that some states in the US and Ireland have successfully done a ban on smoking in bars. I spoke to one Irish friend who is a smoker and she reckons smoking outside kind of put her off smoking so much but it was also fine smoking outside.

I think we would get used to quickly like we did with offices and airlines.

revinkevin said...

I heard that when they banned smoking on airplanes, that the aire quality got worse.

The airlines turned the air circulation down, to save money and you got less clean air.

krip said...

revinkevin - How can the air quality possibly get worse?
After a long haul flight, my throat feels like the bottom of a bird cage (all sand and shit).

wonkotsane said...

"Sorry Wonkotsane - you're suppose to agree not put a reasonable response back!"

Sorry, just saw this. I'll make sure to make an effort to agree next time. ;-)