Saturday, October 08, 2005

Party conferences

What is the real point of the annual party conferences held in those cosmopolitan towns of Blackpool and Brighton?

Correct me if I am wrong, but it is patently a mutual backslapping piss up. Is anything actually achieved at all?

The Tories (bring back Maggie) this year used it as a platfrom for their forthcoming leadership election. David Davis promptly sent many members to the land of nod and David Cameron surprised a lot of people and is now coming up on the rails on the favourite. Kenneth Clarke I believe has left it too late in his political career. The others? Who gives a shit.

The other Tories New Labour proved once and for all that the Nanny State prevails and gave us an insight into what it must be like attending communist rallies in China and the like.

The Liberals huffed and puffed and as usual failed to blow any houses down, bless.

So there we go then until next year. I bet you cannot wait.

Is there a clandestine reason why they pick the two towns that are considered the gay capitals of the north and south for these shindigs?

Just a thought.


Shooting Parrots said...

You could be on to something there. Both the Tories and Labour are to hold conferences in Manchester next yesr, a city also noted for its sizeable gay community.

wonkotsane said...

One thing was achieved this year - Labour displayed it's true Facist/Nazi nature and it was all caught on camera.

krip said...

Polly - Maybe they are going to join forces and become the 'pink' party.
Wonko - And the frightening thing is nobody at New Labour seemed that concerned about it.

Anonymous said...

krip - it should be noted that before he came into power, Tony Blair visited singapore to study the way the gangsters here govern the country. and even the "pensions" [read: legal daylight robbery] system. so no surprise there that Labour are becomin fascist by the day. or the UK becoming a nanny state, which again foreign press likes to call this islet.

GaffaUK said...

Yep - next year all the parties should hold their conferences in small local communities where there are 'no gays in the village' and then bang on about modernising in modern Britain as they usually do.