Sunday, October 16, 2005

Real food

Today we did our little bit for the battle against the huge supermarkets. We visited our local farmers market.

I find as people veer towards eating more naturally produced food, these markets are becoming more popular. Granted you pay a little more over the odds, but at least you know what you are eating as all the produce is grown/reared on the local farm.

We came away with a nice joint of pork belly for tonight's dinner (mmmm, crackling). A rack of pork ribs and some wild boar sausages which we have never tasted before. Cannot wait.

Real free range eggs to be scoffed with real streaky bacon. The joy of these markets, is that you can often taste their wares.

A farmer who rears bronze turkeys purely for the Christmas period was offering tasty chunks of fresh turkey meat. Delicious. I think I know where we will be getting our turkey this year.

The market runs on the third Sunday every month and we have promised ourselves that we will be there every time.

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