Sunday, October 16, 2005

Waiting for the lights to go out

Reading this article in today's Sunday Times was rather unnerving.

Imagine for one minute what life would be like without water on tap. No electric light, TV, Burger King and aarrgghh!!!!, no car.

But eventually, life will resort to this form of living when the oil runs out. And run out it will, though thankfully not in my lifetime.

Without the dependence of fossil fuels, the planet would slowly grind to a halt. Yes, we will have harnessed natural energy sources by then, but the power produced by solar cells, wave and wind energy to name a few, would barely scratch the surface of what oil gives us today.

Without sustainable energy, instead of spending a large proportion of our waking life stuck in front of the box, we will have to devise ways to entertain ourselves. Well they used to do it before Logie Baird stuck his oar in.

Blogging would be non existent and we would have to write letters which would take several days to reach their destination as the postie will be on horseback or worse, Shank's Pony. Remember writing?

We would be forced to drink real ale brewed the traditional way and dispense with the frothy, gassy shite that is passed off as beer nowadays.

Come to think of it though, life wouldn't be so bad after all.

No crap TV.
No shit food full of preservatives.
No traffic.

Think about it.


Shooting Parrots said...


revinkevin said...

At least their would be decent beer, instead of that gassy crap.

krip said...

And nobody phoning up while I'm eating my scran trying to sell me double glazing either.

MonicaR said...

If we survived the first winter - we'd be alright...

Mike said...

No TV? Just image, people would have to get up off their arses to watch a sports event. That's novel.