Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bird flu near miss

I bet everyone is relieved to hear that the supposed bird flu pandemic (there's that word again) isn't really going to happen after all.

According to the "experts", now that the bird migratory season is over we can all breath a huge sigh of relief. Especially those 50,000 that were earmarked for certain death after contracting a sniffy nose.

Or maybe it's next year?


the letter b said...

these experts are self-appointed it seems. what makes the case worse is that in asia, cats are implied to be the carrier of the flu:

one can well imagine the cat welfare society, SPCA and cat lovers here on the wee islet bracing for yet another round of a cat "holocaust" [rounding up all stray or suchlike cats found to be culled] as what the authorities did during the SARS pandemonium in 2003.

krip said...

We seem to be living in a frightened world.