Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blunkett. Guilty/Not Guilty?

Today, we experienced a perfect example of the power of the press.

From what I gather, David Blunkett tendered his resignation to Tony Blair today for not declaring that he had purchased some shares from a DNA testing company. The knives were obviously out for him, of that I am certain.

If the meejah investigated every member of parliament, I am pretty sure that the vast majority of them have been involved in some dodgy dealing at some time or other.

I am no fan of David Blunkett or in fact any of his cronies, but to see a man pilloried by our press, who then went on to say what an honourable and decent man he was, is quite despicable although Mr Blunkett will certainly not be turning up at the poor house tomorrow.

Isn't it funny that most "shamed and exposed" ministers seem to do very nicely thank you, riding on their own adverse publicity. The after dinner speaking circuit swells by one, followed by the obligatory book and round of chat shows.

I am sure his old friend Cherie will point him in the right direction when it comes to making money for spouting bullshit.

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