Wednesday, January 04, 2006

AA = Arrogant Arseoles

Why was I not surprised when I read this story today.

How somebody had the gall to actually tell Mr Douglas that his father in laws membership had expired the minute that he popped his clogs, just belies belief.

Thankfully the AA has apologised profusely to the family and I am pretty sure someone's head is rolling within the great Automobile Associations halls today.

As a member of said association, I am of the understanding that membership is renewed on a yearly basis, so therefore, unless his membership was up for renewal that day (highly unlikely), he was all paid up and they should have complied with the families wishes.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy a cheerful read and yours is light and filled with hope. We lack that over here. So, just so you count your blessings over there, I include this from over here.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the police state, commonly known as the Montreal subway system. Yes, there are more gangs of security patrols than ever before and they simply love to hand out tickets.

These are hefty tickets, as well you may surmise, of ninety dollars or more. Not to mention the hassles transit users go through to get them. Legalized thuggery, supported by the court system, designed to auto finance their daily exploits and bi monthly salary checks.

Students are well aware of the costs involved, should they fail to present the “official” Quebec identity pass along with the official monthly transit pass legally paid for. The monthly pass itself simply will not do.

And why, prey, is no other form of officially recognized identification good enough for the local subway security forces? Simply put, they have to earn their keep!

Just like the time a passenger was stopped by the “security” crusaders outside the turn styles of the subway, on his way home with a small dog in his arms. A new and as yet un enacted bylaw stressing all small animals MUST be transported in cages was the excuse used to stop and fine the gentleman, AND HE WAS FOUND GUILTY BY THE COURTS, for failing to obey a law not in force at the time of interception AND failing to identify himself to the zealous security officers because he knew he had done nothing wrong. Of course, even if you have done nothing wrong, you are still guilty of failing to respect the security officer’s legal right to harass you!

Be advised that you venture into the Montreal subway system at your own risk and peril. A healthy public protest of abstention would do wonders to curb these titans of tyranny.

Ah! But things are going so well in this city that the recently reelected mayor has seen fit to hire one hundred and thirty plus new traffic officers. Officers that will have to find fault with the public to the tune of six million of your after tax dollars a year.
This required yearly amount will rise with seniority, pension demands and inflation - unlike YOUR salary, of course.

Thank you, Mr. mayor for that less than stellar voted endorsement and electronically faulty vote count, yet to be investigated that put you back in office with tyrannical powers.
Last one out of Montreal should leave the lights on, I want to see who they try to pin that bill on.

krip said...

And I thought we had it bad over here.
The biggest bug bear over in the UK is speed cameras. They tell us it is to lessen the amount of accidents, but we know different. A lucrative little earner indeed.

Hope you feel better for that rant. The joys of blogging eh?

Don't be shy next time, I don't bite.

Blue Witch said...

May I give a Value tip?


when your policy is up for renewal.

Cheaper, and, IME, much better service thatn AA or RAC.

krip said...

Thanks BW, I will make a note.